ONnergy: the ultimate CRM platform for smart home providers

The smart home market is booming. It won’t be long now before every home appliance is connected to the Internet of Things, enabling home owners to remotely control their appliances no matter where they are. Additionally, smart homes allow their owners to monitor and optimize their energy usage, saving them a great deal in a world where energy becomes increasingly expensive. But it’s not just consumers who benefit from smart home technology. Smart homes also create unique CRM opportunities for smart home providers.


Adopt a customer-centric business strategy

Do you want to upsell products and services to smart home owners, right when they need them the most? Do you want to be able to adapt prices to real-time demand? For smart home providers who offer ONnergy’s CRM platform as part of the home package, adopting and sustaining a customer-centric business strategy becomes a breeze.


Use the ONnergy CRM platform for smart homes to:


Boost user commitment through gamification

For smart home providers to get the most out of an IoT CRM platform, home owners should use their smart home app on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most home owners aren’t that committed. Enter the ONnergy app. Incentive-driven, the app boosts user commitment through gamification. It encourages users to compete with each other, to record their energy use, to invite friends to the platform … In return, users get a chance of winning cool prizes.


White label smart home CRM platform

If you want to become a key player in the smart home market, offering your customers a fully branded CRM platform is indispensable. Developing such a platform, however, takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention resources. But … what if we told you that ONnergy already has your app in stock? Developed as a white label IoT platform, the ONnergy app can be branded to match your brand perfectly.


Speed up your IoT go-to-market.

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