Go to market strategy for IoT

Want to speed up your go-to-market strategy for IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a big opportunity for utility providers, insurance companies, construction companies and the like to adopt a more proactive and customer-oriented approach. To seize that opportunity, however, companies have to offer their customers all the right IoT software. A time-consuming and costly hassle if you develop everything from scratch – but that’s where ONnergy comes in.


Your flexible IoT user interface

ONnergy’s white label user interface helps your business speed up its go-to-market strategy for IoT in the blink of an eye. Able to connect to any type of IoT middleware and hardware, the ONnergy app saves you the time, effort and cost of developing your own IoT user interface.



If you like it, put your logo on it

Specially designed to give you, our partner, an instant competitive advantage in the IoT market, the look of the ONnergy app can be completely (re)designed to your liking. That’s right: the ONnergy app can be customized; featuring your company logo, your brand colors, your URLs, … Your customers get to manage their connected devices via a fully branded app, while your business gets to shorten its time to market tremendously.

Let’s boost your IoT go-to-market strategy!

IoT is growing at a fast pace. Don’t waste your precious time and resources developing a branded IoT user interface when there really is no need to start from scratch. Do you want to become a key player in the world of IoT while continuing to focus on what your business does best? Then let’s team up!

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