Building a (business) case for IoT?

How to get started?

If your company is determined to stay ahead of the competition, now is the time to build your business case and jump on the IoT bandwagon. Not quite sure how to get on the right track? Here you’ll find an overview of the 3 key layers every IoT solution needs:


1. IoT hardware

Hardware is the backbone of every smart home – and every IoT framework, for that matter. Smart homes, for instance, are equipped with smart plugs and sensors that connect to individual appliances and utility meters, measuring energy consumption (or enable home owners to control their appliances from a distance) and passing that information on to a gateway. The gateway is like a central station. It’s where all the data is gathered after which it flows through to the middleware.

2. IoT middleware

IoT middleware is situated in the cloud. It processes the data it receives from the gateway and makes the data available in the form of numbers and graphs on a web platform. Users can consult the platform via a user interface.


ONnergy controleer energieverbruik en budget

3. IoT user interface

User interfaces such as the ONnergy app are the part of the IoT infrastructure that users actually get to see and work with. In the case of ONnergy, the app tells users how much water, electricity and/or gas they use on a daily, monthly, … basis and how much their energy consumption is costing them.

IoT and business: no need to start from scratch

Developing an app, especially an IoT user interface, is easier said than done if you have to start from scratch. That’s where ONnergy comes into play. We believe that an efficient IoT user interface should operate like a chameleon. The ONnergy app is not only able to connect to a multitude of IoT hardware and middleware, but can also be rebranded from top to bottom to match the identity of any business.


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