Standard configurable features

Home control

Use your smartphone or PC to control your energy consumption at home even when you’re not home.

  • Control your thermostat and heating from a distance
  • Control your electronic devices
  • Control your home lighting
  • Control your automatic blinds

Energy control

Take control over your energy consumption
and your wallet.

  • Insert your energy consumption
  • Select your energy supplier and tariff plan. ONnergy offers a complete database of all suppliers for electricity, gas and water in all countries. This guarantees a correct and up to date simulation of the energy market
  • Easily control your energy budget
  • Check your consumption expressed in euros, not just in Kwh
  • Receive regular forecasts expressed in euros, based on your gas, water and electricity consumption

Safety control

Safety hazards in your home? Not a chance if you use the ONnergy app, which immediately alerts you to danger.

  • Smart water detector

    You can install the sensor anywhere you like – near your washing machine, in the basement, … As soon as it detects a leak or a puddle, the app sends you an alert.

  • Smart CO detector

    Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas that you can neither see nor smell. If the carbon monoxide levels in your home get too high, the app lets you know right away.

  • Smart smoke detector

    Give fire no chance. Monitoring your home, the ONnergy app instantly alerts you in the event of dangerous smoke levels.

Always in control of your energy consumption

Thanks to the ONnergy app, you never have to worry about your energy consumption again. All energy streams are continuously monitored. If your consumption is unusually high or in case something goes wrong, you will automatically receive an alert. The app also sends messages to keep you informed and tips to help you reduce your energy usage, so you can always sleep on both ears.