ONnergy: The Social Energy App

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ONnergy is an energy app that helps you take control over your energy consumption and… your budget. The app connects to smart devices in your home and collects data from smart meters. No smart technology in your house? No worries: you can just as easily enter your consumption manually. ONnergy is easy to use for everyone.

Users consumption data gets automatically benchmarked with other users in the same category

Seems that you are consuming a lot of electricity while sleeping. If you want to beat Loranne this week, make sure to switch off the lights before you go to bed.

After downloading and configuring your energy consumption, you are fully ready to start the footprint game!

Whoop whoop, Michael and Loranne just accepted your Footprint challenge! 10 credits in the pocket!

ONnergy provides a ranking per category. We incentivize users to climb in rankings by throwing in some cool prizes.

This week's fastest climber receives no less than 50 credits! You might want to put in an extra effort for that one, no?

Energy management made easy

Users enter their maximum energy budget and ONnergy will do the rest. Pre-configured tariff plans and consumption visualization in euros make the service easy to use and even easier to understand.


  • Monitor and manage your electricity, gas and water consumption
  • Control your energy budget
  • Values primarily shown in euros, secondary in kWh or cubic metres
  • Configure your tariff plans and budget
  • Control your house: lights, thermostat, plugs, shutters,..
  • Receive custom tips and triggers to control your budget
  • Benchmark your tariff and use smart grids.
  • Connect with fifthplay and Smart APIs
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