Team up with ONnergy to beat your increasing electricity bill





It’s all over the news: due to governemental measures, the average Flemish family will pay 50% more for electricity in 2016.


Let’s sum up the harsh facts, shall we?


  • An average Flemish family will see their electricity bill increase with approximately 331 euros compared to 2015.
  • What’s causing this? An increase in distribution tariffs, the liquidation of free power, a VAT-raise from 6% to 21% and… the highly criticized ‘Turteltaks’.
  • All of these measures were implemented to compensate for major investments in renewable energy.


For further details, check the article in De Tijd or other media. We at ONnergy try to remain positive and constructive in dealing with these challenges, together with you. For our Social Energy App becomes more relevant than ever. And we become more combative than ever. So, make sure to add “downloading and using the ONnergy app” to your list of New Year’s resolutions. With smart tricks, some fun comeptition and cool rewards, we can and will reduce our footprint and energy bill. No matter what challenges they throw at us!


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